Cement Factory

1. Introduction
The MV panels in a Cement factory in the Middle East Region are about 30 years in operation. The customer wanted to replace the existing, old protection relays by new control and protection relays and intended to serial integrate these relays in a substation automation system (SAS).
2. Revamp concept
The MV switchgear bases on four different major typical panel functionalities: incomer panel, measurement panel, motor feeder panel, transformer feeder panel. The typical existing secondary equipment of a panel includes (see Pic. 1 & 2): protection relays, Energy meters, CB position indication, A-meters, alarm information new concept:

  • control and protection unit: product family ABB RE. 615, - motor feeders: REM 615 - measurement panels, incomers, metering panels: REF 615 
  • The communication with the SAS will be based on Protocol IEC 61850 
  • complete front door of the low voltage compartment will be replaced. The new doors will be preassembled with relay, terminal block and connecting wires with information, where the wires have to be connected to

3. Replacement Steps

  • Disconnecting Existing Secondary Equipment In a first step the existing wiring between the secondary equipment in the front door and the terminals in the LV compartment is disconnected, see Pic. 3
  • Replacement of Front Door
    The existing door is taken off and the new front door is fixed, see Pic. 4
  • Rewiring The remaining wiring is modified, based on the red-marked wiring diagrams, (see Pic. 5), then step by step new wires get connected to the respective terminals (see Pic. 6), then rewiring completed (see Pic. 7)

4. Final Relay Programming, Functional Tests Final programming of relay; testing relay functions and signal tests (see Pic. 8)

5. Revamp Completed Finally: feeder is ready to be switched on (see Pic. 9) Comparison of secondary equipment (see Pic. 10) - before and after the revamp